Lori Nedescu

Colombus Ohio, USA

Version française à venir.

Cycling started as a way for me to break out of a gym-rat lifestyle, but has since completely transformed my life. The sport has taken me to some breathtaking foreign places, pushed limits, built confidence, provided motivation, and created a strong community of friends. This year I'll be racing as a CAT1 for Women's Project Pedal which took time, commitment, sacrifice, passion, and pushing limits. Getting to this competitive point was a long journey of high and low points and there is so much I wish I knew along the way. I hope to give back by inspiring others to chase their goals and providing an experienced point of view.

"The only thing that should be put off until tomorrow is negativity.”

When I'm not out spending quality time with my bike, I can be found instagramming, drinking cappuccinos, and putting my advanced nutrition degree to work at The Cadence Kitchen where I develop recipes, write nutrition articles and provide nutrition counseling to athletes. My life is centered around creating balance, positive energy, and healthy practices! I'm excited to bring my creative + authentic vibes to the PEPPERMINT experience and help women feel strong on their bikes and in their lives!



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