Julie Babin


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Having grown up as a competitive swimmer, I came to road cycling as an adult through competing in local triathlons. Once I immersed myself in Toronto's group cycling culture in 2015, I found a passion for the sport. Cycling with companions is way more fun than solo riding! The women I met while riding were impressive, yet scant.

Seeing a need for a welcoming space for women in a male-dominated sport, I co-founded Bikes on Wheels Women - a group dedicated to encouraging female-identified and non-binary road cyclists. We ride twice-weekly at 6am, and Tuesday/Fridays have quickly become my favourite days of the week! Having started as only a handful, we now have over eighty active members; realizing the need for this positive space.

I'm proud to be a part of the PEPPPERMINT family, and to wear a brand that's not just designed locally, but also produced in Canada.

I appreciate having activewear that speaks to my lifestyle, and translates from cycling to skiing to hiking to yoga to running !



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