Transitioning PEPPERMINT off the Bike

I have developed a newfound commitment to using my clothing pieces in as many areas of my life as possible. I love being able to use athletic clothing to build an outfit or to take some of my PEPPERMINT clothing off the bike into any of the many other sports I enjoy in my life.

I think people often struggle with how to transition pieces from one part of their lives into another though, and I wanted to share with you some options for breaking the pattern and taking your PEPPERMINT staple pieces off the bike and out into the world! Because who doesn’t love being able to show your fierce and soft personality every hour of the day?  And there is something so satisfying when a girl at the gym says “I love your tights, where are they from?” and you can share PEPPERMINT story and mission with people outside of the cycling community! 

Workout to Work  

In an attempt to be strong in all areas of my life, I spend a lot of time exercising off the bike. My girlfriends and I schedule our workouts together and get some social time too, it’s one of my favourite ways to stay in touch. I often schedule workouts between meetings so I need to make sure I’m wearing something I can feel good and put together in when I’m done my class!  

Here I’m wearing the new PEPPERMINT hoodie for a warm-up (the fabric has stretch and is so soft) with a sports bra and the signature tights - I wear these tights for everything on and off the bike. I style my to-and-from gym outfit with a denim jacket, scarf and toque and feel completely put together to go to a coffee meeting!


Winter Wearing your PEPPERMINT

While I’ve always enjoyed cycling, I am first and foremost a winter sports girl. My true love is alpine skiing, and I have developed a healthy appreciation for Nordic as well. Hiking one of the many ski hills around our weekend place is my go to form of exercise, no matter the time of year, and I love being able to get outside with my friends, family and loved ones and enjoy any and all of these activities!

I’ve found that that incredible fit and performance fabric of my PEPPERMINT clothing works for all of the above! The Signature Tights make a perfect base layer for alpine and Nordic, and when the temperature hovers around zero they’re enough on their own or with a light layer underneath for a hike.

My Splash Wind Jacket is the perfect upper layer as well. It is wind resistant, keeps me dry in light precipitation, and I can layer it over a couple of long-sleeves (or even my Ice Thermo Fleece Hoody!). The bright colours and perfect fit of all my PEPPERMINT pieces make me feel confident and stylish while I enjoy my favourite activities outdoors, no matter the season.


Warm Body, Happy Heart with PEPPERMINT

I think one of my favourite parts of enjoying any activity, on or off the bike, is the time you get to spend with the people you care about before, during, and after you’re done. Whether it’s getting home post Nordic and making dinner with my fiancée, going for an impromptu dinner with friends after an afternoon skiing, or just stopping for a pint and chat at après, I’m always comfortable and dressed the part in my PEPPERMINT pieces. They dry quickly, don’t smell, and always ensure I look and feel my best. So I can spend my time focusing on the important things – laughing and making memories with the people I love.

I hope this helps you with some inspiration for your own PEPPERMINT pieces! Let’s share inspiration for how we spread the message and #breakthepattern.

Tierney Courageproud ambassador of the PEPPERMINT Collective

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