What Are Your Colours This Summer?

Did you know that colours had an important psychological influence on how we act and how we perceive life? Many studies show that colours affect our mood, our state of mind and the choices we make in everyday life.
When it is time to get dressed to climb the most beautiful peaks or to hit the trails in the middle of the forest, we might as well surround ourselves with colours that stimulate us and represent summer. When we think about summer, hot weather and vibrant colours spontaneously pop in our minds. Yes, summer faithfully carries colours that are warm, yet refreshing, inspiring and blissful. 


Here is the description of five summer colours along with their meaning to help you choose the colours that will make you shine throughout the season. Not only will you be able to wear them, but you can also mix & match your favourite colours to create your very own PEPPERMINT set. Get your summer glow wherever your bike takes you.




Yellow is the colour of happiness and smiles. It reminds us of beautiful sunny outings, of smiley faces and of the tonic effect of lemon. It brings energy to sleepy minds, enhances the complexion and gently prepares us to face the day with positivism and enthusiasm. From a design point of view, yellow matches well with warm colours such as burgundy, coral, reddish hues and white. A colour to adopt to bring your summer looks from ordinary to extraordinary. 

¬Ľ¬†Discover the possible combinations that contain yellow.




It would be immoral to not like coral! Its orangey hue radiates the summer heat, the after-bikes sprayed with summer drinks between friends and the exoticism of a sweet, forbidden fruit. With its warm and festive effect, this colour stimulates communication and offers an interesting opening on the social world, in addition to sharing its passion for wellness. It is a colour of choice to wear during summer and it fits well with different combinations of colours. Wear it with navy, white, burgundy, dark green, or whichever colour you want! Go coral crazy!

¬Ľ¬†Discover the possible combinations that contain coral.




Did you know the blue is the most liked colour in the world? Its range of shades and tints evokes freedom. Although it exudes serenity and calm, it shines with its uniqueness and will surround you with a glittering look! Exactly like a bright blue sky would do. It promotes creativity and adds a special touch to each piece to which it is paired. This colour leaves no one indifferent. Do not hesitate to wear it if you want to make heads turn or simply to find strength in tranquility. 

¬Ľ¬†Discover the possible combinations that contain bright blue.




The green signed PEPPERMINT is inspired by the great beauties of this world and designed, with an inspiring minty look, to bring you back to nature for a colourful summer filled with powerful emotions. It shares its enthusiasm for fresh air and its penchant to travel by bike in a resourceful environment. It invigorates the body, illuminates the heart and soothes the mind. For a look that stands out, make it your ally this summer!

¬Ľ¬†Discover the possible combinations that contain PEPPERMINT green.¬†



White is the true summer colour. It matches perfectly tanned skin, which it embellishes and enhances. Its fresh hue evokes the icy sensation of a soft, well-deserved vanilla ice cream after a long ride under the sun. It allows you to stay comfortable, even on hot days, which makes it ideal for the summer. Wear it for a look that stands out for its elegance and purity. White pairs up wonderfully with any colour and makes sure to enhance its match. 

¬Ľ¬†Discover the possible combinations that contain white.

In short, be inspired and have fun mixing and matching your cycling wardrobe colours, for more summer fun! These vibrant colours will guarantee a breathtaking look, a beautiful complexion, renewed confidence and hours of pleasure on sunny days. Get ready to welcome compliments ;) Break the pattern. 

Have fun and enjoy summer!

Florence Dostie-Ménard, proud ambassador of the PEPPERMINT Collective


Summer combinations to explore

  • White and yellow: Summer freshness
  • Coral and burgundy: Confidence & expression
  • Bright blue and white: Glittering and sparkling
  • PEPPERMINT green and black: Radiant classic
  • Yellow and coral: Summer joy


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