One-on-One with Lori Nedescu


1. Describe yourself briefly.

Hi, I’m Lori! I’m a professional sports dietitian, road cyclist and marathon runner who loves taking fun photos for instagram (@hungryforresults), creating new recipes in the kitchen and pushing my limits, always!


2. When/how did you discover the joy of riding?

I have a double life when it comes to cycling. I completely enjoy riding super long miles through mountains, stopping for many cappuccinos and photos. However, I am also pretty competitive and I do get much joy from riding very hard to get myself or a teammate to the finish line faster than others.


3. Why do you use Strava?

Strava segments allow me to compete against myself. I can be a creature of habit and enjoy doing the same routes over and over. It’s nice to be able to look back and track my efforts. Other than segments, I find Strava is a great tool for finding routes while traveling. I can see where other athletes ride and judge how much time or how far to go based on the segment explore tool. You can find my strava HERE.


4. What are you most proud of as a cyclist, what is your biggest accomplishment?

There are many efforts that I’m proud of… but the biggest is putting my women’s elite cycling team together. Femme Equipe has really been a strong force on the pro scene in 2019 and has helped bring awareness to the inequality in women’s cycling by equalizing pay gaps at UCI races.


5. Did cycling teach you a lesson? If so, what is it?

To be humble. No one cares if you ‘win’ the group ride. It’s a sport that really is about forming a strong community, smiling, making friends, and then your performances can and will speak for themselves.


6. What are your projects for 2019 and 2020?

I have some really fun rides left in 2019 including a fondo and a few gravel races. For 2020 I’m really focused on expanding my team! It would mean so much to us and the women’s cycling community to keep the team going and growing. I’m also getting married in 2020 and am planning a super fun cycling inspired honeymoon!


7. What motivates you to always keep going forward?

Caffeine. But seriously, I am pretty driven. I love having many projects happening at once and feel very accomplished when I get to check something off the list and move on. Knowing I’m improving myself and hopefully others along the way is enough to keep going.


8. What advice would you give to a girl who wants to set herself goals and challenges in 2019?

Write down those goals and then make a plan for each one! Think through how you can make each a reality and the steps you need to take to get there. Having a plan is key! Also, reach out to others! Cycling is a community, so contact others for support or to ask questions!


9. Why did you want to be a PEPPERMINT ambassador?

The colorful kits really speak to how cycling makes me feel; bright, positive, fun! Beyond the fit and style of the product, I’ve met some amazing women just from the kits. Either another rider wanting to know who I’m wearing or someone who is also affiliated with the brand coming up and saying hello. The PEPPERMINT brand is really about riding with friends and looking great while doing it and I’m all about that.


10. What is you favourite PEPPERMINT product?

OMG the Flag socks. They are such a fun addition!


11. What crazy idea would you suggest to PEPPERMINT?

I’d love to do a women’s cycling retreat. Like multi-day wellness event with lots of networking and riding!

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