One-on-One with Elissa Proulx


Elissa joined the PEPPERMINT family as our customer service representative this summer. Bursting with energy and enthusiasm, her passion for cycling is as contagious as her smile. 





Describe yourself briefly. 

I am an 18 year-old student who has been into cycling for 10 years now. I would describe myself as someone who’s really passionate about my sport. I love challenges and race strategy, which are probably two of my biggest strengths in cycling. 



How did cycling arrive in your life? How important is cycling to you? 

It’s my neighbour, Sébastien Delorme, who saw me ride around the roundabout and offered me to join his cycling team. Since that first training, I have never let go of my bike. I then registered to participate in my first ever race and it’s at that moment that the sport became a real passion for me. Cycling has since then become more and more important in my life and it is thanks to the sport that I gained confidence in all the other areas of my life


Would you say cycling is a beneficial add to your lifestyle? If so, why?

Without a doubt. I would even say that cycling has become an entire trait of my personality. It is my greatest pride



What is your biggest cycling accomplishment? What are you most proud of?

My biggest accomplishment is without a doubt the Everesting Challenge I completed last summer to support the fight against racism. The challenge consisted of climbing the same hill over and over again until reaching an elevation gain equivalent to Mount Everest, which is 8,849 metres. The satisfaction I felt when climbing the last Camilien and seeing my parents and coach proud was definitely the best moment of my life

Did cycling teach you a lesson? If so, what is it?

Cycling taught me that the experience I gain cycling is also valid in my daily life. I am now stronger physically, but also mentally, which helps me to efficiently manage every day’s little problems

What are your projects for 2021-22?

I'm leaving for 2 weeks with the Quebecor-Stingray team to race in the Netherlands and Spain. These races are called "La Coupe des Nations". During these 2 weeks, I will train and do 5 days of races. I was selected 2 weeks ago to be a reserve for the Canadian team (so if one of the 5 girls on the team gets injured or can't go, I will take her place).

What motivates you to always keep going forward?

What motivates me most about cycling is my friends and family. It's such a great sport and everyone enjoys each other and love sharing this passion. There is also the sense of pride and adrenaline that I feel during the races that allows me to always push myself.



What advice would you give to a girl who has just started cycling?

The best advice I could give to a girl who starts cycling is to never doubt her abilities and to not compare herself to others.

What motivated you to join the PEPPERMINT family?

What pushed me the most to join the Peppermint team is definitely the values that the company transmits. I am very proud to be associated with a company that supports women in a predominantly male sport. I also love the products. 

To conclude, what is your favourite SS21 PEPPERMINT product? 

My favorite product from the 2021 summer collection is the Peak Raspberry Signature Jersey! :)


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