One-on-One with Christine Fletcher


1.  Describe yourselves briefly.

Coach to endurance athletes around the globe, I work with a wide variety of athletes from cyclists, triathletes, runners and « uphill (Alpinists) athletes ». My goal is to help individuals develop athletically as well as personally, emotionally and mentally to become stronger, happier and more self aware of their abilities. Sport is just the platform from which we launch.

I am originally from Montreal with a degree in Exercise Physiology from McGiIll University with deep skiing roots in Mont-Tremblant. I moved to Vancouver 25 years ago to pursue a professional career as a cyclist and triathlete while enjoying the outdoor lifestyle that only big mountains seem to offer. After an amazing journey, it was time to move back East so in October 2019, I relocated to Mont-Tremblant, Quebec. While my main focus is developing individual athletes, coaching cycling groups, managing corporate endurance teams and leading training camps, I too try to stay in good shape and walk my talk.

2.  When and how did you discover the joy of riding?

Upon moving to Vancouver 25 years ago, I fell upon an incredible group of cyclists that embraced and taught me the inside view of road cycling, mountain biking and racing bikes. We trained together, travelled together, raced together and lived the lifestyle of cyclists. We rode in the rain, sleet, wind, heat…didn’t matter, we were out there bonding and bringing out the best in each other.

It is my hope that everyone gets to experience how cycling can change people lives when they use the sport as a vehicle to connect with others, nature and self discovery (athletically and emotionally).


3. What are you most proud of as a cyclist, what is your biggest accomplishment?

Winning Columbia Plateau Stage Race (early 2000’s) in Oregon, racing the Redlands Stage Race in California and finishing with the leaders.

And anytime I clear a rock, log or nail a switchback on the trails ;)


4. Did cycling teach you a lesson? If so, what is it?

Many lessons but to name only a few :

  • How to see the world up close & personal.
  • How to be insinc with others during group rides and otherwise.
  • How to manage my vulnerabilities when riding with stronger riders (on and off the bike).


5. What are your projects for 2020?

  • The Coast Ride, January 2020. Riding from San Fransisco to Santa Monica in 4 days.
  • Backcountry Skiing in Whistler BC, March 2020
  • Mountain Biking in Moab, UT, Fall 2020
  • Learning how to Kite Surf !
  • X-Terra Triathlon in Maui, Fall 2020
  • And of course, joining the PEPPERMINT team into their inspiring journey ;)


6. What motivates you to always keep going forward?

While I continue to learn about the sport, myself and other people, my focus is now more about sharing experiences with others while exploring more places on two wheels…even places and trails in my backyard.


7. What advice would you give to a girl who wants to set herself goals and challenges in 2020?

My favorite quote about Goal Setting is by Seth Godin. Perspective is everything it seems.

The Thing About Goals

Having goals is a pain in the neck.

If you don’t have a goal (a corporate goal, a market share goal, a personal career goal, an athletic goal…) then you can just do your best. You can take what comes. You can reprioritize on a regular basis. If you don’t have a goal, you never have to worry about missing it. If you don’t have a goal you don’t need nearly as many excuses, either.

Not having a goal lets you make a ruckus, or have more fun, or spend time doing what matters right now, which is, after all, the moment in which you are living.

The thing about goals is that living without them is a lot more fun, in the short run.

It seems to me, though, that the people who get things done, who lead, who grow and who make an impact… those people have goals.


8. Why did you want to be part of PEPPERMINT team?

PEPPERMINT Cycling a brand that is about moving forward and creating a safe and welcoming space for women to join. I truly believe community + movement + empowerment are extremely topical right now and important to the health and wealth of our long term well-being. Plus, they are making great cycling apparel and accessories with amazing women fit and great attention put on designs!


9. What is you favourite PEPPERMINT product?

All socks, the brim of the cycling caps and all cycling shorts (comfort and design). It’s in the details and PEPPERMINT is nailing the details in subtle but chic ways.


10. What crazy idea would you suggest to PEPPERMINT?

Make a radical video of women doing radical but empowering adventures. Have the best videographer and editor to make the stories move people and change lives !

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