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With good weather at our doorstep, we can’t wait to hit the road! Again this year, we are excited to have the privilege to align on different levels of women leadership. By having a community focus, we aim to create a movement, to share the benefits and pleasures of cycling and to equip women in their cycling experience. Together we can redefine cycling for women.

Our partners and our nationwide program of ambassadors bring together over 40 inspiring leaders whose mission is to make the brand and it’s feminine mission shine.

To encourage the PEPPERMINT community to ride all summer long, a brand new program called LET’S RIDE PEPPERMINT will be officially launched Canada-wide this year. In collaboration with our ambassadors, we will host a series of cycling meet-ups (social and shakeout) throughout the entire riding season aiming to have the largest number of women riding together. The meet-up rides (available on Strava) will be adapted to the location and to the leaders, so there is something for everyone!

Since giving back is part of our values and because our mission is to grow the active women’s cycling community, supporting different influential women and women's cycling groups who share similar values and attitudes is an important initiative for PEPPERMINT. We are proud to play an active role in our community.

Here’s an overview of some of our special projects :

➳ PEPPERMINT CYCLING TEAM : A cycling team made up of 9 professional women who are determined to make a difference. We are proud to be associated with an inspiring group of women that demonstrate that it is not about being the best and fastest, but it's about the women of the cycling community coming together and pushing each other to be better and having fun while doing it. It's about coffee rides and friendship just as much as it is about racing. PEPPERMINT is committed to support this team in the management, supply of equipment and the implementation of promising partnerships to ensure a successful season.

➳ REBECCA BEAUMONT : A bespoke collaboration that gives this professional athlete equipment, financial and image support to support her wildest dreams, including the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Rebecca has distinguished herself in recent years and represents a committed, passionate and inspiring leader for women's cycling and for the next generation. To contribute to the support offered by PEPPERMINT, get a matching exclusive kit and shine on the road! Stay tuned !

➳ ACDA : A business organization that annually brings together inspiring leaders from the greater Montreal area, and who have chosen to inspire women to become more integrated into their cycling community. ACDA has chosen to offer PEPPERMINT products to its members; an great way to encourage local company and enhance their image with women.

➳ HAPPY FITNESS : A community of active girls, initiated by an outstanding leader, who simply loves to play outside. Supporting an inspiring gang that is defined by community and active experiences is in line with our interests and values. This collaboration will allow the HAPPY FITNESS group to train all year round in specially designed PEPPERMINT training products, made just for them.

➳ BIKES ON WHEEL WOMEN : Bikes On Wheels Women (BOWW) is a group dedicated to the women's road cycling community to support and encourage women group rides. Created to promote a welcoming and inspiring destination for women, BOWW's mission is to bring together a positive cycling community to the heart of the city of Toronto by providing high-quality, supervised group rides (no drop rides). This year, BOWW group will ride proudly in a unique and outstanding PEPPERMINT kit.

➳ LES CYCLETTES : A community of young professional women who want to have fun, get together and excel through cycling and various events. PEPPERMINT is proud to support these women by offering them an exclusive and distinguished image with PEPPERMINT signature products

These collaborations are perfectly aligned with our organization's philosophy of leadership and community. Our commitment is to make sure we can contribute in a positive way to the cycling community. Cycling is more than a sport, it's an experience that is to be lived and shared.

Start the season with PEPPERMINT and find us through all of these #facesofpeppermint initiatives.

Together, let’s live PEPPERMINT and let's #breakthepattern.

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