Spring Fever

It feels like only yesterday, we were celebrating the New Year and here we are, already in March. Winter is almost done and in a few days we will, more than happily, be welcoming Spring, the season we are all waiting for.

Already, we are starting to think about dusting off our bikes and we’re trying on our cycling gear that we somewhat neglected during the last few months. The vibrant colours of our PEPPERMINT kits remind us of our victories and of the challenges we overcame during the past season, of the spontaneous rides and the festive “afters” we enjoyed with friends. The more we think about how amazing last season was, the more we just cannot wait for Spring to arrive!

Many Projects for 2019

Inclusive Cycling Meetups

We are proud to announce that our Let’s Ride program will be back again this Summer. In collaboration with our ambassadors, Let’s Ride organizes several meetups to allow women to ride together in a fun and inclusive atmosphere. Don’t want to miss any rides? Join our PEPPERMINT Club on Strava » https://bit.ly/2RIX1ep


A Colourful Community

» We are lucky to have a few groups of inspiring women are joining us this Summer: the  Collectif Vélo Cartel (Quebec City), Bikes on Wheel Women (Toronto) and the  Dona Pan Club (Miami) chose to join forces with us as we embrace the same values and cherish the same goal: bring women together around a sport that we love while maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Each group is super inclusive and engaged towards their community, which is in line with PEPPERMINT's mission!

» We are super happy to support  Rebecca Beaumont again in 2019, a fearless and ambitious athlete. Reb shares the same vision as PEPPERMINT, which is to inspire and encourage women to ride. It’s always a real pleasure to collaborate with her.

» New season, new faces ; the  PEPPERMINT Ambassador Collective welcomes many new engaged cyclists from Canada and the United States. Exceptional leaders with whom you’ll get to have a lot of fun, we promise!

» This year, the PEPPERMINT Team will have a brand new concept : innovative, simple and accessible! You want to challenge yourself while having fun? That’s exactly what the team wishes to accomplish in 2019. Just pure fun with a squad of amazing girls <3 Stay tuned!

New & Refreshing Experience

Come visit us in Montreal at our very first PEPPERMINT experience boutique! Shop in a PEPPERMINT environment starting this Spring.

In order to enrich your cycling experience, PEPPERMINT will now be found in several different selected stores across Canada. So if you are unsure about a size or a fit, you’ll be able to go shop your favourite products at our  partners’ stores!

As you probably already know, PEPPERMINT love to be part of the action and that is why we’ll be present at many cycling festivals throughout the season. Come meet us at the  Tremblant Bikefest as part of the  Crossroads Festival in May, at the  Sea Otter Festival at Blue Mountain in July, at the  Vélirium at Mont-Sainte-Anne in August, or at our Bikefest in the Eastern Townships in September. We'd love to meet you all in a festive vibe! Follow us for all events.


Inspiring Stories

Finally, follow us on our different social platforms to keep up with the news and see all of our adventures! Also, don’t forget to tag us in your posts!

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/peppermintcycling/
Instagram : @peppermint_cycling #breakthepattern #peppermintaroundthewolrd
Strava :  https://bit.ly/2RIX1ep


We encourage you to come and participate to all the different PEPPERMINT gatherings so you can meet new people with whom to share your favourite routes, a cup of coffee or a drink! Who knows, you might find your new cycling partner ;)

With all this in mind, we cannot wait to meet you on the road!


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