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When outdoor season is over, it means it’s the beginning of a new chapter. While the temperature drops drastically and your training cannot be done outside anymore, it’s a good time to review what you’ve accomplished over the Summer. Did you set any goals last spring? Did you crush those goals? If you did, congratulate yourself with a nice dinner at the restaurant or a relaxing day at the spa (probably much needed to rest those legs of yours) or even better, get yourself the piece of PEPPERMINT clothing you’ve been wanting for too long! If you did not achieve your goals, stay motivated because indoor season is just beginning. Come up with new, realistic goals. Once you’ve reached these goals, reward yourself with something special. You will probably get through the finish line a lot faster than you think !


Winter may be just around the corner, but it doesn’t mean you have to put away all your cycling clothes. That gear gives you confidence, reflects your personality and motivates you to push yourself, so keep it close! Make some room in your sports bag because you’ll want to take them everywhere you go. They became your essentials during summer and are now your new essentials for successful indoor trainings.


Year-Round Cycling Essentials

Even if your rides go from a diversity of scenic roads to your living room, it doesn’t mean that your cycling gear should pass from amazing to boring. On the contrary, rejoice because your cycling essentials are perfect for your winter trainings!

Whether you are more of a cycling shorts or a bib shorts kind-of-girl, no need to store them for winter! The comfort of the legendary chamois pad, custom-made by PEPPERMINT, will help you push and work through every session. Once you’ve tried it, it’s practically impossible to ride without it. It’s THE must have for every ride, summer like winter.

What About the Top?

While it’s minus 30 outside, riding inside is all the opposite. It can be sooo warm. Time has come to trade your jersey for the mesh tank top : the tank that has literally upgraded the comfort of my trainings. The fabric is so light and breathable that you won’t need to take it off after 10 minutes. Plus once your training is done, I guarantee this tank top will be the first piece on you to be completely dry! There are even a few designs you can choose from! Personally, i wear the black one on every occasion. It can be worn during cycling and running, but also at a yoga class or even, for a more casual look, with your favourite pair of jeans. It is just so comfy, I wear it all the time!

If you’re more the “it’s-way-too-hot-in-here-I’m-taking-everything-off” type, the PEPPERMINT sports bra is definitely your go-to, after the bib ;) . Let’s remind ourselves that it’s not because we’re indoors that we should not be expressing our style! You read my praises above about the tank tops’ amazing fabric. Well, turns out, the sports bra is lined with the same super-soft and flexible mesh aka it’s M-A-G-I-C-A-L. Not only does it dry off quickly like the mesh tank, but you will be amazed by its suppleness and athletic fit. Plus, pressure points are OVER with this sports bra, it’s like you’re not even wearing one. Not only will it give you the comfort you need, but it can also match your bib or cycling shorts! The days of the all-white or all-black boring sports bras we’re shy to wear are now over!

What's In Your Sports Bag

To sum up, here’s a checklist of what you need to put into your sports bag for a great indoor training session :

  • bib or cycling shorts;
  • sports bra;
  • mesh tank top;
  • socks that match your favourite kit, of course;
  • bottles filled with your favourite energy drink to stay hydrated all the time.

In the end, whether you’re inside in a spinning class or in your “pain cave”, there’s no reason to give up on what helps put a smile on your face, sets up the tone for your ride and amplifies your excitement and motivation to get back on the bike time and time again : your PEPPERMINT gear.

Ready to push some watts with style?! Have a good training!

Jade Tremblay,
ride leader and proud ambassador of the PEPPERMINT Collective

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