Riding While Pregnant, It’s Possible!

Exercising is good for everyone! So why does the majority of pregnant women don’t even do the minimum recommended physical activity? While our grandmothers were told to stay home and rest while pregnant, we now know, in 2021, that physical activity can only be good for the future mamas!


It is normal to be a little worried at first, during the earlier stages of the pregnancy, and especially if we have already experienced some pregnancy-related difficulties; I’ve been there. Just know that many studies show that exercise does not increase the risks of miscarriages. I think it is, however, super important to listen to our body and respect it.


If you weren’t very active before getting pregnant, it might not be the best time to try mountain biking or alpine skiing. On the other hand, there are many other ways in which you can get moving that are accessible and do not represent any big risks such as training on a stationary bike, going for a walk, swimming and TRX trainings.


When we find out the big news, we spontaneously stop smoking and drinking, and adopt a lifestyle that is as healthy as possible, which is another good reason to get your heart pumping! You will be more energized, get better sleep, your stress will diminish, you will avoid gaining too much weight during your pregnancy while also decreasing your risks of developing gestational diabetes. Plus, you’ll recover faster after the birth, which can only be beneficial!

For my part, I continued riding my bike (road and mountain) and running up to my sixth month of pregnancy. During the PEPPERMINT Bikefest, I completed the 60 km ride with the girls; I think a few were really impressed with my performance ;). Yet, in fact, I felt good and comfortable doing it. I adopted a moderate pace (I could maintain a conversation while riding) and I listened to my body. Obviously, it wasn’t my first ride ever! Before my pregnancy, I was in a really good shape, completing triathlons and training 6x/week. Fortunately, I have an easy pregnancy and no contraindications, thus the idea to stop moving while pregnant never even crossed my mind.


I simply adapted my trainings by reducing their duration and intensity. I am not looking to perform, but simply to stay in shape all while having fun! I move every day; whether it’s spinning, stair climbing, group bootcamps, swimming or riding. I changed the position of my road bike to be able to ride longer on the bike paths and I ride with the little ones on the easy trails when I go mountain biking. It was the too frequent pee stops and my ever-growing baby bump that finally ended my season.

If you are unsure about how to get moving while pregnant, check-in with qualified prenatal trainers to find out how to safely adapt your training to your needs.

Let’s get them bellies moving!


Emilie Châteauvert, proud ambassador of the PEPPERMINT collective.

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