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  • Do's and Don'ts

    Do's and Don'ts

    Our ambassadors came together to discuss a very important matter... fashion. Here is what you should or should NOT wear as a cyclist. Have fun checking out our tips! DO'S : What to wear for a flawless look.  DON'TS : Your enemy, to avoid in any circumstances. ROAD DO'S ✧ Creativity is a YES. Do not hesitate to mix up colours as the PEPPERMINT jerseys...
  • Overcoming Fear After a Crash

    Overcoming Fear After a Crash

    I fell in love with mountain biking instantly. Everything about it attracted me; speed, nature, exercise. Growing up in Montreal, my family had a cottage in upstate New York in the middle of the Adirondack mountains. We were surrounded by countless trails, beautiful rolling single track with technical roots and smooth granite slabs. My first mountain bike was a Trek 3900 and I was...
  • Does the perfect diet exist?

    Does the perfect diet exist?

    No matter the daily routine, whether you are a new mama, a super busy career woman or a student trying to make ends meet, as cyclists and active women, we all strive towards the same goal : a healthy lifestyle. But with all the different diets and products out there, it’s easy to get lost in this sea of supposedly healthy options. What to...
  • Spring Fever

    Spring Fever

    It feels like only yesterday, we were celebrating the New Year and here we are, already in March. Winter is almost done and in a few days we will, more than happily, be welcoming Spring, the season we are all waiting for. Already, we are starting to think about dusting off our bikes and we’re trying on our cycling gear that we somewhat neglected during...
  • Staying Active While Pregnant

    Staying Active While Pregnant

    Being able to grow a human in your body is something exceptional. As an active woman, my plan was never to stop moving once pregnant. Maintaining my active lifestyle was super important to me, so I adapted my usual routine by doing what I believe is safe and healthy for my baby, which by the way, is different for every woman. Don’t succumb to...
  • In Winter, We Spin!

    In Winter, We Spin!

    Indoor Training » Gear Up for Your Spinning Sessions When outdoor season is over, it means it’s the beginning of a new chapter. While the temperature drops drastically and your training cannot be done outside anymore, it’s a good time to review what you’ve accomplished over the Summer. Did you set any goals last spring? Did you crush those goals? If you did, congratulate...
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