Oats: A Healthful and Nutritious Cereal that All Active Women Swear By

The cycling season has finally arrived and Oatbox is here to help you get back on your bike! For worry free rides, our friends at Oatbox offer you to integrate oats in your diet to help support your active lifestyle, but also to help surpass yourself and achieve your best self.

Why Choose Oats According to Nutritionists

Sustained Energy: A healthful lifestyle starts with a well-balanced diet, rich in proteins, lipids and carbohydrates. That said, your choice of carbs remains important — those that are digested slowly drip-feed the muscles fuel over a sustained period, giving you energy over a longer period of time. Oats do exactly just that - which is perfect if you’re heading out for a long ride like the Bikefest one.

Fast Recovery: Oats are packed with B12 vitamin – a vitamin that helps to repair cells, convert protein into carbs and energy. It is therefore recommended to incorporate some oats to your diet to recuperate better and faster.

Healthy Digestive System: High in fiber, oats ensure a healthy digestive system. In fact, just a cup of oats contains just over 8g of fiber (recommended fiber daily intake of 25g for women).

Oatbox Helps You Incorporate Oats to Your Breakfast Routine!

All this information is really interesting, but you are the type of person who doesn’t have time (or doesn’t take the time) to eat breakfast? You are always on the run and your nonexistent breakfast is the reflection of that? Oatbox has got your back! Through their subscription service, you can receive directly to your door their delicious and nutritious granolas, oatmeal pouches, overnight oats or vegan protein bars.

Discover Oatbox at the Bikefest; they will be making sure our energy level is on top for our ride!

Visit Oatbox website and never skip breakfast again!

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