My favorite part of it all: mountain’s fresh air

There is no other way to come back from a bike trip on the West coast of Canada than with a head full of dreams. Those soothing mountains make us feel small, help us to go back on track and bring us inner peace. They are simply standing there in silence but their boiling energy reminds everyone of the boundlessness of Nature. Above it all, mountains rhyme with fresh air and pure happiness.

I had this incredible chance to explore bike paths on Vancouver’s Island, in Victoria. I remained speechless in front of this nature of a bright green forest. Mountain bike is a passion shared by many Victorians and therefore, the numberless trails offer variety and they are also very well maintained. Wherever there is a mountain, there is inevitably a bike path. For your own pleasure, there are a few coffee shops not so far away from the trails. What an excellent way to finish your happy ride! This is a portrait of the cycling world in Victoria.

Why venture into the Vancouver area by bike?

West part of Canada is well known for its unique nature, its gigantic mountains and its breathtaking scenery. Almost every mountain is designed with bike paths that suit everyone’s preferences. There are trails for downhill and cross-country enthusiasts in addition of various secrets spots off paths that are only yours to discover. When a bike lover is standing on top of one of these mountains, they can easily feel at home.


Best spots in Victoria


    Hartland is in the middle of Mount Work, which is a mountain that offers kilometers and kilometers of trails available for any adventurous visitor. On this mount, you can find relatively advanced to very advanced trails, but it also offers a great range of choices for those who want to improve their mountain bike skills. You could easily ride all day without having to take the same path twice; it offers a numerous choices of trails. In other words, it really is every mountain cyclist’s dream!

    4 good reasons to explore Hartland

    1. To feel free in its dense and colourful forests. We marvel easily by focussing on the exquisite flora that surrounds us with its green carpet.
    2. For the numerous bike paths that offer varied modules such as bridges, jumps, turns and rock gardens. Everything is set for an extraordinary outing in the mountains!
    3. For the great variety! For beginners, Fun Trail and Inventive are two good starting points to have fun. For advanced bikers, the essential tracks to try are without a doubt Sofa King and Who’s Your Daddy. For those looking for challenges, Green Ribbon, Hot Cherry and Bubble Wrap are perfectly suited for their steep descents and tight turns.
    4. Being very close from Victoria, the bike trails are easily accessible.

      Bear Mountain, this mountain in full development, is creating a reputation for its mountain bike trails of exception and deserves to be known. While standing on top of this mount, you can enjoy the delightful mountainous landscapes. There is even a resort where you can stay for a few days, before starting your descent. Bear Mountain offers varied trails that will satisfy both cyclists wanting to learn mountain biking and the more experienced ones. To top it off, you can finish your ride with a delicious coffee at Bear Mountain Market, which is only a hundred of meters away from the exit of the tracks.


        At Cobble Hills, you will find a multitude of single tracks through this vast and dense forest. The trails are especially designed for mountain biking. This is a cycling must in Victoria; several competitive events are held at this location such as regional and provincial races. It is the ideal place to discover unique and surprising trails!

        While traveling in this part of the country with your bike, I suggest other places to add to your itinerary that are worth the detour!

        5 places to discover to ride around Vancouver

        • Squamish
        • Whistler Mountain Bike Park
        • Sunshine Coast
        • North Shore
        • Fraser Valley

        On the West coast of Canada, it is important to have the TrailForks app on hand. This application, which locates the mountain bike trails, guides you and allows you to find yourself easily through the various paths. (

        My favorite part of it all: mountain’s fresh air

        When I find myself on the West coast of Canada, regardless of the length of my stay, my pace of life slows down to mingle with the lifestyle of the locals. My heart calms down. The mountains and clean air of British Columbia allow us to find ourselves in nature, to feel free and healthy, and to refuel with positive energy.

        Basically, it is not really a goodbye; more like a see you later…


        Sarah Dostie-Ménard, proud ambassador of the PEPPERMINT Collective 

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