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Mount Seymour Provincial Park is located just 30 minutes north of downtown Vancouver

and offers a multitude of activities throughout the year including horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking and skiing. The park lies in the pacific coastal mountains and was home to some of the largest Douglas fir and western redcedar trees in the world. Be sure to keep an eye out for the massive old growth stumps and logging paraphernalia throughout the ride.



Ride details:

  • Full suspension (enduro/trail) bike or hardtail if you are feeling adventurous
  • 15 km and 600 meters elevation
  • Intermediate to advanced
  • Duration: 2-3 hours
  • Snacks, water, navigation & bear spray
  • See the ride on Strava



This forest comes alive in the rain – various mosses, ferns and mushrooms grow easily on any available real estate. The winters are mild and wet, but temperatures rarely drop below zero degrees so riding year-round is possible with the appropriate gear. Trails are maintained by numerous volunteers and the North Shore Mountain Bike Association. The trails are beautifully crafted to withstand the heavy precipitation and busy traffic they receive throughout the year.

This 15 kilometer, 600 meter elevation ride will take you back in time and through some of the most lush trails of Seymour park. The trail head starts at Hyannis parking lot in Blueridge. The riding is technical with lots of roots, rocks, tight switchbacks and woodwork - the north shore is famous for its wood bridges and skinnies. This route will take you up the Good Sir Martin climb trail (twice). You can head to the old buck trail head instead for an easier climb if the legs are not feeling it! Trailforks is your best friend when riding any new area.

The first descent is on Severed-D, one of the oldest trails on the mountain. This trail is rated black. The top section is technical, steep and includes a few optional skinnies and rock rolls. After the notorious chute just below the GSM climb trail, it opens into a fast, flowy section to finish it off.

Heading back up the climb trail to mushroom will bring you to the top of Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, the second black diamond descent. This trail will give you an adrenaline rush. It is the closest thing to a downhill trail and runs exceptionally well in the wet. It is very versatile and can be ridden at most speeds. This trail is an old corduroy road that has been manicured with rock armor – no crazy features, just lots of fun line choices.











Heading down Bottletop will bring you to the Seymour Suspension Bridge. This bridge links Seymour to Lynn Valley and is a popular place to stop for a quick swim in the summer heat.  Please be mindful not to leave any food or garbage as you are riding in bear territory. Black bears are very common on the North Shore mountains – leave them lots of space and remember that a fed bear is a dead bear.








Post-ride snacks & coffee:
United Strangers Coffee

This café was just recently opened by two local riders looking to bring the cycling community together. The shop doubles as a small corner store with a wide range of unique goodies. 




Post-ride beer:
Bridge Brewing or Deep Cove Brewing

Did you really ride the north shore if you didn’t stop at a brewery after? 


Make sure to wear the right clothes!

Frost MTB Jersey Trail
                                                                              Wild Mountain Short






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