You’ve just finished your order and are impatiently awaiting delivery of your package. You expect to find its contents to be everything you hoped for.
Later, your package arrives at your doorstep, bringing a smile to your face. You eagerly unwrap it to discover if what’s inside is as beautiful as you thought. You pull out of the box a fresh kit that just screams to be put on.
In the heat of the moment, you throw on the kit even if you are not planning to head out on your bike for another couple hours. The fabric feels soft on your skin and it fits you well. You are pleased that the colors make your eyes pop and compliment your figure.
You finish up what you were doing and jump on on your bike. The bib design suits you perfectly without limiting your movement and when you look down you are impressed by how good your legs look. You push on the pedals even harder. On your way to the mountains you decide to take a detour through downtown. You make heads turn as you speed past the restaurants at lunchtime.
The confidence that you feel brings power to your legs and air to your lungs. You head towards the hills now, proud to ride, proud to show your colors and proud to be you. You are ready to push your limits, to get higher and to enjoy the best of what nature has to give. Simply because you can.
Escape the ordinary. Let’s #breakthepattern.
Florence Dostie-Ménard, proud ambassador of the PEPPERMINT Collective
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