Girls on Track!

When I started mountain biking about 15 years ago, I almost always went with the boys; girls were rare. Since a couple of years, I am delighted to see a new enthusiasm from the ladies for this slightly “tomboy” sport.

Here is what we love about mountain biking and why you should start.

For me, mountain biking is like a game. I leave the everyday hassle behind and I focus on the ride; I avoid a big rock, I go around a tree, I try to keep my balance, “turn right, or no, turn left…!” You have to be quick with your decisions and sometimes, you’re wrong, oops!

In comparison with road bike, in the mountains, I always forget I am physically surpassing myself, because even if I push hard on the pedals, I don’t feel like I’m in “training mode”, I am having FUN!

Even more fun when I end the ride with dirt in my face. I am just like a child, I have this guilty attraction to always jump right into water holes!

I love cycling with my boyfriend and other guys, but hey, when I do, it’s like I lose all my zen all of a sudden. Men fuel with testosterone and adrenaline. That said, ladies, we are not out of the game; it is proven that men develop lots of power on the bike, but that women have more endurance in long distances! Hihi! We get them in the long run.  

Jokes aside, if you want to try mountain bike, riding with other girls is a good option to start!

The new PEPPERMINT program Let’s Ride is perfect for that! We meet up and ride between girls!

I noticed that through physical activity, men and women pursue different goals. Women tend to enjoy the fun and social side of a sport. Team spirit is important and training between girls is encouraging and stimulating; a complicity and a spirit of camaraderie develop.

If you want to start mountain biking, here are a few tips:

  1. Mountain biking is not reserved for top athletes! It’s for all ages and all levels.
  1. In each network of trails, there are trails for everyone. Choose according to your level, don’t try to be too reckless at first.
  1. You can easily rent a mountain bike in a bike shop nearby.
  1. If you are not used to ride with clip pedals, go with the clipless ones to start!
  1. The truth is that it is possible that you make one or two small scratches, hence the importance of respecting your level. But don’t worry, it will look just fine in your skirt; a little badass touch.
  1. Don’t forget bug repellent! There are places where it is essential, because it’s possible that when you begin, you will walk the more difficult, technical climbs. And when you do, you will be the perfect prey for mosquitoes.
  1. Come ride with other PEPPERMINT girls! Or go with more experienced friends.

That said, have a good cycling season!!!

Anne-Emmanuelle Ricard, proud ambassador of the PEPPERMINT Collective

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