Carleton-sur-Mer, Gaspésie, QC - Into Luce's Backyard

Located between sea and mountains,

the city of Carleton-sur-Mer is one of the most popular for tourism during the summer. It's hard to get bored with all the cultural attractions, the beautiful nature that surrounds us, and the restaurants.
Whether you are a resident, on a camping trip, or visiting your family, there is something for everyone!


The ride I want you to discover is the one I do most often, because it is near where I live and can be done quickly if you’re usually in a hurry like me. The route is only 20 km and takes about an hour depending on your pace. This ride is accessible to anyone and is a perfect ride for the whole family.  It will allow you to discover Carleton-sur-Mer from all angles. It is a great touristy ride!

You can start your ride anywhere around the loop depending on where you are located. My suggestion would be the parking lot at the entrance of Avenue du Phare.


The route begins slowly to the sound of the waves on the bike path that runs along the sea and the campsite. When you get to the lighthouse you can probably spot a few fishermen by the water's edge fishing for striped bass. In the opposite direction if the weather is windy, you may see kitesurfers flying on the barachois.

If you take the Promenade des Acadiens you can see the unique floating yurts.

Craving a little boost along the way?

The Brûlerie du Quai has all the types of coffee you could need. Or you can stop by to buy a bag of coffee beans roasted on site!

Passing through the Marina you can reach the end of the "banc de Carleton", where you will find a quiet little haven, fantastic for admiring the scenery.

The route retraces its steps and deviates towards the Rang 2 of Carleton where you will discover a slightly more agricultural climate with its large fields at the foot of the mountain. It is also the section of the ride that is the least crowded and visited less by tourists. From there if you have a lot of energy to burn, you can ride all the way to Maria and come back via Route 132.

Personally I like to ride a little gravel road, so I go down by St-Onge road, admiring the peace and nature that we rub shoulders with. The last blitz is on Route 132 west then a final long hill that will bring you back to your starting point on Avenue du Phare.

For a good late-night meal or a small post-ride pint of beer,

I recommend the Microbrasserie le Naufrageur that boasts a large outdoor terrace.

For the best sushi in town,

the Umi Yama restaurant is certainly the place to discover with its terrace overlooking the barachois.

My favorite cycling kit for this road ride


Another highlight off circuit of Carleton-sur-Mer ♡

Dominating one of the most beautiful bays in the world, Mont Saint-Joseph enjoys a unique geographical position; With 555 meters of vertical drop and only 5 km from the coast, it offers an accessible place for a variety of outdoor activities. With respect for the landscape and for the sake of harmony, the Mont-Saint-Joseph regional park offers great activities and services that will delight visitors and residents alike. Mont-Saint-Joseph is a unifying place, with historic charm, which is the pride of the people of Carleton-sur-Mer. In their image, we want it alive, rejuvenating, inspiring and beautiful, naturally.

Luce Arbour
proud ambassador of the PEPPERMINT Collective 
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