The Story Behind Your Kit

Your alarm goes off. You get up and without even noticing, you put on a bib and a jersey before gulping down half a banana and head out for your early morning ride. As you breathe in the fresh air, you are happy you got up to enjoy this moment that is completely yours... the perfect way to start the day! These precious moments, you spend them on your bike, dressed in PEPPERMINT.


Have you ever wondered how was your kit created ?


Although your kit is, most of the time, the first thing you put on in the morning (if you’re an early bird kind of person), between your espresso and the time you’re out the door, we don’t think you spend much time thinking about the story behind your kit and all the stages it went through before allowing you to ride comfortably and with style.


Let’s demystify the past of your PEPPERMINT products


The very first step is the product development; this includes the development of the pattern and the choice of raw materials (from the main fabric to the smallest details). At PEPPERMINT, the majority of raw materials comes from Italy and we also collaborate with a few local artisans. This stage is crucial so we can offer you a unique product with a feminine fit adapted to your needs.

And then comes the artistic development. Before they find their vibrant personalities, the PEPPERMINT products all start on a blank page. Like a painter in full action, our creative team brainstorms on paper, displaying different colours and patterns, which results in a rainbow of jumbled concepts. Then comes the time to choose the winning colours and designs, the very ones that will eventually make the PEPPERMINT personality shine.

Little by little, the colours blend together, sometimes fading, other times deepening, creating diverse designs and patterns. To ensure the success of these abstract concepts, our team carefully apply them to our virtual product sketches, helping us to clearly separate the “yes, I love it!” from the “absolutely not my type”, allowing us to better align our collection. Our favourite items then pass on to the next round: production.



Liking it on paper, loving it in fabric!


Our sketches are sent out to our different partners. Depending on the products, some are made here, in Quebec, while others cross the ocean towards Europe. Yes, you read right!

Since its beginnings, PEPPERMINT proved its worth in the cycling industry, allowing us to carve ourself a place among the leaders of the industry. Our new European partners, mainly located in Italy, grant us the privilege to collaborate with us for the manufacturing of our products. The renowned expertise of the Old Continent is now within our reach, allowing us to expand towards new horizons. Who knows, new products might be available in our 2019 Collection ;) 

This new flexibility is not all there is; this european turn also allows us to pursue our creativity, cause as you all know, fashion has no secrets for Italians. Trendsetting and refined, the italian innovation goes hand in hand with the PEPPERMINT vision.



The best of both worlds


For those who are wondering… YES, we are proud to collaborate with our amazing local partners! Our Québec partners have been loyal since the very beginning and take good care in producing your products, from a roll of material to the final product in all its glory.

We work with only the best in the industry so we can offer you quality products, a unique style and a flexible, personalized service.



So the production, how does it work ?


Ah yes, let’s get back on topic… once our partners receive our sketches, the manufacturing begins. They print, cut, sew, shape; they work really hard to bring to life quality products. Throughout the whole production process, various samples are sent to our team for a last crucial step :  the ultimate quality test. Our products are tested for a period that can go up to 12 months, because our priority is to ensure that our products meet your highest expectations in terms of durability and comfort.

You now know all about the different stages your PEPPERMINT products go through before riding with you. They are the result of rigorous work of many experts, no matter where they come from, and we are proud to be able to offer you the very best quality on the market. 


Our desire to make things differently not only allowed us to reinvent the cycling style, but it also led to the creation of a new culture for the feminine community.

When you wake up in the morning and you put on your PEPPERMINT kit, you inspire us to surpass ourselves et to pursue our creative drive. #breakthepattern

Be proud, be PEPPERMINT,


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